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What is Half Price Tutors for Tutors?

Half Price Tutors is much like a Tutors Union. Tutors are free members while students pay a Member Fee. Tutors are then free to set their own rates for students who purchase tutors by the hour. Students also have the option to prepay a package of hours.

Half Price Tutors is able to attract the best tutors because no one tells you how much to charge and how much you should keep. If you want us to take payments for you, we also offer that option.

High Quality Tutors at Half the Price of Tutoring Services?

Half Price Tutors is able to charge lower tutoring fees because we do not keep what you earn. We only charge students a Member fee once per year. Thereafer, you keep the rest.

New tutors are rarely recruited. Instead, current members invite tutors they know. Tutors are then interviewed by our founder or founding tutor members. Maintaining a high quality is essential because some students will presume our prices mean inexperience. Thanks to you, the tutors, we have built a strong reputation as the best yet most affordable option in the industry.

Call now to learn more and to come to an informational meeting. Call us at the number on the banner to find local meeting times and locations.

Tutors Join the Tutors Union for Free?

With a free membership, tutors receive students and are paid directly for the rate they charge or we can take the payments for you by credit card. Tutors make money by meeting one-on-one or by making referrals to the group.

How Can We Help?

Tutors, have you ever experienced any of the following situations:

  • Been underpaid for tutoring?
  • Been unable to find students on your own?
  • Gotten paid less than you deserve?
  • Wanted to start your own tutoring service?
  • Wanted to earn extra income?

Even though many tutors find themselves in these situations, the majority do not seek help. Why?

  • They think it will cost too much
  • They may not know where to begin
  • The process can be intimidating

Your success as a tutor is important to us. At Half Price Tutors, we believe every tutor has the right to earn what they deserve. We have tutors working right now, at the right pay, for in home or on campus appointments. We invite you to join us so that you can benefit now.

With Half Price Tutors:

  • You become a member of a family
  • You make tutors your friends
  • You are treated like the firm's most important tutor
  • You join for free
  • You can make money for referring student to other members

Without Half Price Tutors:

  • You may not be able to find any students
  • You may have to work for a service at the rate they tell you
  • You will miss out on tutor referrals
  • You will miss out on a second income opportunity
  • You will miss out on free training opportunities