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What is Half Price Tutors for Students?

Half Price Tutors provides students access to tutors for discount prices. Students save 25-75% off local tutoring service rates while also gaining unprecedented access to the most experienced tutors. Students can save thousands of dollars off tutoring costs while also getting unlimited quick answers for a low yearly Member fee of $59 ($4.95/month).

Option 1: Pay only $59 for the yearly Membership and get all of our tutors at wholesale prices from only $20-30 per hour.

Option 2: We waive the Membership fee when you pre-pay a package. Also available are the Advanced Purchase Discounts with Guarantees! Rates from $40-45 per hour.

Guaranteed packages include complete study skills and test taking strategies designed to overcome everything that's been holding you back. If you don't get at least an A or B, we give you are a new quarter or semester FREE.

Have you ever experienced any of the following situations:

  • Been overcharged for tutoring?
  • Been unable to find quality help?
  • Gotten a lower grade than you deserved?
  • Blanked out on an exam?
  • Gotten a low standardized test score?

Even though most people find themselves in these situations, the majority do not seek help. Why?

  • They think it will cost too much.
  • They may not know where to begin.
  • The process can be intimidating.

Your grade may only be as good as the tutoring you can afford. At Half Price Tutors, we believe everyone has the right to the best tutors and the capacity to pass just about any class. We believe everyone can get great grades, graduate, and get the best jobs!

With Half Price Tutors:

  • You know who to call.
  • You are treated like the firm's most important student.
  • A student membership for only $4.95/month.
  • You learn how to study and how to succeed in school.
  • Get answers quickly to avoid wasting too much time.

Without Half Price Tutors:

  • You may try to handle the class by yourself.
  • You may get only as much tutoring as you can afford.
  • You may overpay thousands of dollars to a tutoring firm.
  • You may not pass a class or graduate on time.
  • You may not get that dream job.

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