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Half Price Tutors Story

Half Price Tutors is an idea which originated 6 years ago by one of our founding members, Robb Gott. He believes that tutoring costs have spiraled out of control. Indeed, today families of America collectively pay over $12 billion a year for tutoring services. Families of students pay as much as $90/hour for top tutors. In any economy, that's ridiculous! The disparity between famlies of means and families on a budget means typically the students who do well are the students who can afford such lofty prices. Thus, an affordable solution became a motivating force.

The Half Price Tutors model is already being successfully applied to the legal and health industry. Medical coverage in the form of insurance helps thousands of Americans afford health care. Our founder wondered if the concept of discount services could be applied to education and, specifically, tutoring. To that end, he created Half Price Tutors, the first and only "preventative medicine" tutoring organization in America today. By that we mean you may not even need to meet with a tutor if all you use is the unlimited daily quick question option. Otherwise, if you do need a tutor, you can meet with a quality, low cost tutor at a fraction of the cost of tutoring services.