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Half Price Tutors Santa Barbara and Goleta

Half Price Tutors of Santa Barbara and Goleta. What a great place to be. Whether it's Santa Barbara or Goleta, we have a tutor for you. Our team of tutors covers all subjects and grades for students in Santa Barbara County. From elementary school to College and graduate school, our outstanding tutors ensure you will get the right tutor the first time. Achieve your goals? No problem. Ace the class? No problem. Get that F to a passing grade? No problem.

Our tutors have worked with hundreds of Central Coast students and our founding members with thousands more all over the country. So we know what it takes to be successful around here and everywhere!

The secret is really just getting a tutor from the "Home Field." We know the area and we know how to get there, and all of us have Google Maps if we don't. We coordinate with you and your schedule, whether that means 5 a.m. or midnight and beyond. We all have cell phones and are on call day and night for your last minute needs and emergencies. You can even ask our tutors emergency questions and get quick answers, even if that means you don't pay for an actual hour of tutoring.

You can meet in your home, at the local library, or anywhere. We go to you. Just make one phone call to us and one of our exceptional tutors will be matched with you in 5 minutes. You may even be able to meet within an hour of your first call!

We consider all calls "rush appointments."