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Let's face it, tutoring services can be expensive. The best tutors are not always affordable.

At Half Price Tutors, we don't believe tutoring has to be costly. Here you can save BIG. We make tutoring more affordable:

1. Advance purchase discounts on our regular hourly rate
2. Guaranteed plans where you get a free quarter/semester if you don't make the grade

If you don't get the grade guaranteed, you get a free quarter/semester on us. That's like getting two packages for the price of one ("half price").

Call us if you have any questions before or after you make your purchase. Make sure you to include your email on purchase.

Our Rates

1 Hour Only
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$60 one hour
Small Discount
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$55/hr x 5
Bigger Discount
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$50/hr x 10
Guaranteed Pass!
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$45/hr x 15 ABC
Guaranteed AB!
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$45 x 25 AB
BIGGEST Discount
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$40/hr x 50

To pay through our page please visit Half Price Fund. A portion of your GoFundMe purchase will be donated to help other students afford tutoring.

Guaranteed Plans are insurance against failure.

They require a study skills evalation and all hours used for the quarter or semester. Study skills evaluation is emailed and scores are sent back. An appointment is then made with our Study Skills Expert.

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Guaranteed Plans: If a student does not achieve a guaranteed grade and the student opts to repeat the course, we will give the student 15 or 25 additional hours, respectively, to retake the course. Left over or remaining, unused hours can be transferred to other classes next term. If you feel philanthropic, you can also use our Go Fund Me webpage to make a donation for other students to receive our services.