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Member Testimonials

Since 2011, our tutors have tutoring services to hundreds of students in San Luis Obispo County. What once cost anywhere from $60-150/hour for the best tutors is now available to everyone for a fraction of the cost. Our goal is to make tutoring affordable to everyone. Discount tutoring is not a new concept, we just invented a new way of achieving it, by combining the best qualities of "insurance" plan with the tutoring industry.

Here you can read testimonials from our own students from years past about their tutoring experiences.

"We have been using their tutors since 2011. For our son at Cal Poly we bought additional packages. We are pleased with our children's success and applaud the effort by the service."

Thank you,

Diane, 2015

"I had to retake organic chemistry after failing the first time. I got a B- this time. Thanks for everyting HPT."

Rosemary, 2015

"The study skills by Dr. Robb really helped. I finally learned to relax but stay focused on tests. I just got 85% on my math test and a 93% on chemistry. They really know what they are doing."

Eric, 2015

"As a senior, I really had very little motivation left this year. I just found out I got into vet school. It really helps to meet every week. It forces you to work hard. Thanks HPT."

Katie, 2015

"As a senior, I really had very little motivation left this year. I just found out I got into vet school. It really helps to meet every week. It forces you to work hard. Thanks HPT."

Caryn, 2015

"I got a B in organic chemistry. Holy cow! Thanks for your tutoring Robb. It helped solidify a lot of concepts."

Scott, 2014

"I got an A in organic chemistry as the number one student. I worked over 25 hours with Dr. Robb, went to study groups, and got the teacher's help, too. Dr. Robb really helped. I'd recommend him for anyone."

S. Riley, 2014

"Hey Robb, Luke said he did well on his exam! He told me you have been a big help to him. I will be happy to see him replace that D hopefully with a much better grade! Thank you so much. He will need you again for MCAT. We'll be in touch. Have a great holiday."

Holly for her son Luke, 2013

"When I started organic chemistry I was extremely nervous. I thought I would never be able to understand it because I just thought my brain did not work that way. I started working with Robb at the very beginning of the quarter and I am so glad I did. All of his memory tricks were so incredibly helpful! Especially the "wheel of death" practice problems! Those saved me for the final exam!"

Rachel, 2013

"My tutor and I achieved the impossible. I wanted to apply to dental school in a year and hadn't taken either general or organic chemistry. So, my tutor and I prepared for me to take both series at the same time during the summer of 2006. To prepare, my tutor taught me the entire general chemistry 1 class before I took the actual class. That took about two weeks, 16 hours per week. Then I used another 20 hours during the 5 week organic chemistry class. By the time we finished, yes, I wanted to scream at my tutor because it was intense, but I actually got an A in gen chem 1 and a B in organic 1.

I don't recommend you try this unless you have a lot of discipline."

Matt, 2013

"Hey Dr. Robb. Just wanted to tell you I got an 82% on the final yesterday, and the class average was 65%. I couldn't have done it without your help this quarter! Thank you so much for helping me and have a happy holiday break!"

Molly, 2013

"Organic chemistry 1, my tutor was great. She pulled me through the class, was professional, no problem. Their study skills package is genius."

Evan, 2012

"I took Vector Calculus and Mechanical Engineering, and used exactly 27 hours. I had to add 2 hours at the end of the semester. My tutor and I used every minute because the classes were tough. I split the hours between the classes so even though I did not actually use 25 hours toward one class, I still got the grades."

Mike, 2012

"I bought 15 hours of tutoring for writing papers for my political science class. I used exactly 15 hours and it did the job, I did well."

Zach, 2012

"I purchased for my son Ariel 25 hours for Algebra 2/Trigonometry. My son is a high school student. We used just over 20 hours. I would recommend his tutor and the service and will use them again if needed."

Susan, 2012

"I purchased about 50 hours. The administrators were sympathetic to my son and still gave us a few free hours as well. I particularly liked the advice on how to talk to my son's teachers, the 'schmoozing' lesson."

Melissa, 2011

"I purchased the 15 hour package but only used about 5 hours. The class turned out to be easier than I thought, so I got to transfer the hours to other classes. If you don't use your hours you can keep them for later use, even another school."

Lisa, 2011