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Over 13 years ago, our Co-Founder Robb Gott started a small tutoring firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the original tutor, Robb personally grew his tutoring firm to over 18,000 tutors nationwide. Because he ran the entire organization from one location, you can imagine how busy he was. Robb's greatest regret is that he couldn't meet or get to know his tutors except by what he read on their application or learned from their students over time.

Half Price Tutors is Robb's solution to the impersonal (and expensive) nature of most modern national tutorng firms. This new business model relies on face-to-face marketing whereby members build a team working together not only to market the services but also to learn about each other in the spirit of collaboration. Members can be tutors, students, or anyone interested in a second income while helping students afford top quality tutors. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you helped students understand their subjects, realize their grade potential, and succeed in career and life.

Half Price Tutors headquarters is located in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. Robb and the other founding members are available due to an "open door" policy for all tutors, Independent Sales Delegates, students, and anyone in the community. We invite you to visit or contact us to let us know your story, how you were helped by our tutors or by the business opportunity we provide.